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Here is a scene painted by local artist April Whitcomb.

The scene depicts the town’s pre-reservoir common in the valley on a snowy night. Sawyer’s general store stands in the background while townspeople in traditional 1890s garb stride through the slick streets. Everything is calm and serene, except for the two dogs playing while a cat watches from its perch on the fence.

Pre reservior painted mage

Here is a dazzlingly white scene painted by local artist April Whitcomb.

The scene below is an aerial view of the area around the Old Stone Church in the 1890s. We can see houses, factories, and streets which no longer exist coated in fresh snow. If you look closely, you can see children playing, a train chugging by, people going for a sleigh ride, and a man on a horse dragging a Christmas tree.

oldstonewinter painted image

Here is a dazzlingly white scene painted by local artist April Whitcomb.

The scene below depicts winter at the Old Stone Church. Families are out and about, people are going for a sleigh ride, and dogs are enjoying sniffing at and playing in the snow. While horse rides and dogs are no longer allowed near the Old Stone Church, we're sure some of you will enjoy recreating the scene below as you wander down to the Church for photographs or a family walk.

OldStoneWinter painted image

Image of the Watering Trough outside the LibraryOn the small triangle of grass in front of the library sits the Beaman Watering Trough. We’ve mentioned the trough in past posts. Maj. Ezra Beaman, Esq., our Town Founder, placed it in 1808 outside Beaman Tavern in the shade of a buttonwood tree. According to local legend, Ezra filled the trough with rum punch and threw a big bash at his tavern when West Boylston officially became a town.

Inscription on the Watering Trough outside the LibraryThe photo on the right shows the inscription on the watering trough as it looks today. At the top is a carving of the Beaman Oak. The writing reads: “E. B. Esq., Sept. 10 A.D. 1808.” Also visible on the left is the spigot protruding from the stone.

Thanks to Rob Smith, local historian and photographer, for this great photograph. Learn more about Ezra Beaman on the Town Founder's page.

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In 1958, West Boylston celebrated its Sesquicentennial (150th) Anniversary! Here are some photos from the festivities. Tag or let us know if you know anyone in a photo!

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The Ball

The Banquet

Decorations around town

Floats in the Parade

Marchers in the Parade

Old West Boylston Pageant

Presentation of Awards


tablePhoto from the Banquet at the Sesquicentennial with Frederick Crowley

Photo from the Banquet at the Sesquicentennial  Carriage  

 Dancers at the Sesquicentennial 

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