Please present your library card when you are ready to check out. You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card, including fines and fees for overdue, lost or damaged items. Please note the due dates of all the materials you check out.

 Material type

 Due Date

Books more than 3 months old, music CDs, audio books, magazine and books with over 400 pages.

3 Weeks

Books less than 3 months old and under 400 pages

2 Weeks

Videos and video games (Limited to 5 items per household)

1 Week

Museum passes (Limited to 2 per household)

1 day

eBooks and E-Audiobooks through C/W MARS Digital Catalog

14 days

Reference materials, newspapers, current magazine issues and items from the West Boylston Room.

Library use only 


Most items are able to be renewed one time. Beginning July 1, C/WMARS began an automatic renewal process on traditional items. You will receive an email the morning the items are due with the subject heading: "Items may have been renewed. Check the status." In the body of the email, it will show the status of the renewal, the title, the author and the new due date. All of the C/WMARS libraries are participating, so no matter which C/WMARS library your book came from, this applies.

If the item was not able to be renewed,  the email will list the status, reason why not renewed, the title, author and due date. Reasons for unsuccessful renewal may include:

  • You have already used all of the possible renewals. Beaman Library allows 1 renewal. Some other libraries may allow more than 1.
  • Your card expired during the check out period.
  • You have a bill on your account that causes your card to be blocked.

It's easy to renew your items, place holds, and see what you have out online from home. To learn how, please check out the  Your Online Account page.

Returning & Book Boxes

You may return our items to any C/W MARS library. You may also return items from other C/W MARS libraries to us. If placing items in the outdoor box, they may not be checked in until the next business day.

Two outdoor book boxes are located at the Newton Street entrance at the rear of the building. Books and magazines, CDs, cassettes, videos, and DVDs can be returned in the book drop. Please do not leave DVDs or CDs in the book drop overnight as they may be easily damaged by temperature extremes.

Reminders & Overdue Notices

Due date reminders are sent via email 2 days before your item is due. Overdue Notices are sent when an item on your record is 14 days overdue. If you have questions about the accuracy of an overdue notice, please call during business hours.


Fines for DVDs and video games are $1.00/business day with maximum fines of $5.00 per item. The fine for late return of a museum pass is $5.00. Overdue Bills are sent when an item is 28 days overdue. At that time, your borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will not be able to circulate items. If an item has been lost or damaged, please notify us as soon as possible so that we may help you rectify the situation. Fines for items obtained from other libraries will accrue according to the originating library's fine policy.

Find tips on searching the catalog here.

Library Card Registration Form

Library Card Registration Form 1 red and white image of person reading book


To register for a new library card, complete this online registration form. Once submitted, a staff member will follow up to complete the process. Please be prepared to provide a photo ID and proof of current address. Please note, this form is for new library cards only. If you need to renew an existing card or replace a lost card, please call the Library at 508-835-3711. For more details, visit our library card page.

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