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Our Children’s Room is a wonderful resource available to parents. We have a special section devoted to parenting. In this room, you will find a wealth of information on parenting and childhood. There are books ranging from dietary, sleep, and behavioral issues to how to help your kids succeed in school. Parenting isn’t an easy task and these books can help you to navigate through the early years of your child’s life. The focus in this area is on children from birth to the tween years and all books in this room are available for check out.


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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Reading Challenge is Now Available in Beanstack! To learn more, visit Beaman Library's Beanstack page.


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Your Beaman Library card now provides access to ASLdeafined, a program that teaches American Sign Language. Access over 300 lessons, a video dictionary of over 15,000 words, and other tools and resources to boost your learning. You can track your progress with ASLdeafined's progress chart and see how far you’ve come. This is a great tool for new parents communicating with their young children, parents/children who have an interest in learning this skill, and interacting with the deaf community.

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