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The library offers a Professional Collection of Databases linking teachers to ERIC, Curriculum Administrator, the Journal of Education, High School Journal, Journal of Educational Research, Journal of Learning Disabilities, Reading Teacher and others, available through Educators Reference Complete.

Our collection of Online Databases available to students available 24/7 to anyone with a valid Beaman Library card.

Online Learning Applications

  • Mango: Free online language learning tool accessible with your Beaman Library card.
  • See the Awesome Apps page for more information about these services.


We offer a number of multimedia learning kits or Brainpacks for use with students in grades 2-5. Each kit includes a multitude of items and may include hands-on items, games, music or dvds as well as books related to a specific subject area.

Available Brainpacks include: Adventures in Air & Space • American Adventure • America's Treasures (National Parks & Monuments, etc.) • Animals • Biography • Birds • Body Human • Earth • Electricity • Energy • Folktales & Folklore • Light • Magnetism • Massachusetts • Math Helps • Planets • Poetry • Simple Machines • Study Skills • Trees and Plants

Book a Tour

Teachers are always welcome to visit the library or meet with a librarian to find out what we have to offer. We also welcome teachers to tour the library with their students. An orientation tour can be beneficial for students making the transition from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school. To book a tour, please call the library at 508-835-3711.

Assignment Alert

If you would like to inform the Library about an assignment that is coming up, please give Sue Smith a call at 508-835-3711 and let her know the topic, number of students involved, the due date and the type of materials needed and if a citation is required for the assignment.

TXT 4 Answers

Text questions to Worcester Public Library at 508-335-2396 during library hours. Check the WPL website for details.

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