1. Rooms may only be booked by non-profit groups holding public meetings at which all are welcome to attend. Meeting rooms are not available for social gatherings, for the benefit of private individuals, for commercial enterprises, or any closed meeting.
  2. Applications must be submitted on forms provided by the Library Director. It is requested that the applications for use be made at least one week in advance. The application form must be completed and submitted by an adult who shall be personally responsible for the conduct of the meeting, adherence to regulations, the payment of any fees or charges and any damage to the library property.
  3. Meeting rooms may be booked up to 3 months in advance of the meeting. We do not accept bookings beyond the 3-month period to allow flexibility in the arrangement of library programs. (The limit refers to all bookings, including both single and repeat bookings.)
  4. Local groups, whose primary service population is the community of West Boylston, are not charged for use of the meeting room, but donations to the Friends of the Library are always appreciated. Other groups are charged $25.00 for each use of the Story Hour Room and $50 for each use of the Stiles Meeting Room. Checks should be made payable to the Friends of the Beaman Library.
  5. The size of the group is not to exceed the capacity of the specific meeting room (as cited above). The group or association is responsible for maintaining control of attendees. Children should be supervised by group members and pick up of children should be monitored by the group.
  6. Leaders of groups should inform meeting participants that children should not be left unattended in the library while parents attend meetings. We request that all meeting room participants be aware of the library's policy on unattended children which states that "Children eight years or younger shall be accompanied in the building by a responsible person. Children five years or younger must be directly supervised while in the building." This means that parents with children five years or younger cannot expect to have their children visit the Children's Room while they attend a meeting. Further, we request that parents of children any age check on their children periodically while the meeting is going on, to assure that they are safe, behaving well and not in need of assistance.
  7. Refreshments may be served, with permission form the Library Director. Please note your intent to serve refreshments on the application form.
  8. The meeting rooms are available during regular library hours or through special prior arrangements with the Library Director, when the Library is closed. The signer for the group must meet with the Director and review the security procedures for after hours use, and sign a confirmation form. We will not extend the period of use for a meeting room to after hours periods if the group has not made prior arrangements. Groups who violate this rule will be charged a minimum fee of $20 or a fee of $30 per hour.
  9. If meetings are held when the library is closed, but a staff member is in the building, groups are responsible to assign a group member to monitor an entrance to allow access for attendees. If the meeting adjourns while the building is closed and unstaffed, attendees will exit through the exterior meeting room door. If the meeting begins and ends when the library is closed and unstaffed, attendees must enter and exit through the meeting room door.
  10. The library subscribes to the equitable use of its facilities regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups requesting use. The use of the meeting room doe not constitute an endorsement of an organizations policies or beliefs. All announcements, press releases, flyers, and other promotional work must clearly state the meeting or program is not sponsored by the Beaman memorial Public Library.
  11. No admittance fee may be charged or contributions solicited.
  12. Goods or materials may only be sold or advertised at library sponsored programs or events, with prior permission from the Library Director.
  13. All inquiries concerning meetings will be referred to the person signing the agreement.
  14. The number of people attending the program or meeting must be reported to the library for statistical purposes. Forms are posted in the two meeting rooms to accommodate this reporting.
  15. The room must be left in orderly condition. Extra tables and chairs must be set up and taken down by the group. Tables must be covered to protect from glue, paint or other materials that mark the furniture. If a meal or other food is being served the caterer or group will be responsible for removing the garbage and trash, and wiping down tabletops at the end of the meeting.
  16. The library and Town of West Boylston will not be held responsible for the loss of, or damage to, personal property of group members while on the premises.
  17. No smoking is allowed on the library property. Alcoholic beverages may not be dispensed or consumed on library property.
  18. Any question of interpretation of this policy will automatically be referred to the Board of Library Trustees and no meetings will be booked until a decision is rendered by that Board.
  19. Any infraction of these rules may result in the loss of meeting room use privileges for the group or association. 

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