We value your patronage and hope that you have fun when you visit here. Our library offers you a nurturing environment to explore your child’s world through books, creative play, and stimulating programming. The Library is a stepping stone to a world of adventure, mystery and exploration. We are here to help you and don’t mind a bit of noise…after all, it is a Children’s Room!

It's Full Steam Ahead in the Children's Room

In support of our “Full STEAM Ahead” grant, the Friends of the Beaman LibraryImage of the STEAM Discovery Kits helped us to purchase five Playaway Launchpads for our patrons to check out! These Launchpads are tablets with a touchscreen and are loaded with 10 apps so there is no connection to internet. They have STEAM related themes and are geared to children 3-5 years in age. Each Launchpad comes with a sturdy case to protect it and may circulate for one week.Image of a Launch Pad

Also, we have Grab and Go S.T.E.A.M. backpacks featuring 12-16 books based on a S.T.E.A.M. theme: Arctic/Antarctic, Building, Colors, Farmer’s Market, 5 Senses, Gardens, Night, Ocean, Seasons, and Underground. 

Federal funding for these backpacks is through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, “Full STEAM Ahead”grant!


“Libraries have an important role to play in the intellectual development of young children, most especially in the development of language skills. Preschool programming, and educational activities and materials can help establish the foundation on which language skills are built. They contribute effectively to readiness for reading, attentiveness, good listening, and love of literature as well as love of learning.”                                              Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners





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